There is no crisis greater than tiger extinction in Malaysia’s nature conservation history. In the last decade, Malaysia has lost over 300 wild Malayan tigers. If we don’t take urgent action to save this critically endangered species, we will lose our last 200 tigers.

The Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT) Walk programme by the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) allows members of the public to help protect wild tigers and their habitat by reporting illegal activities and disarming snares and traps. CAT Walks are anti-poaching, anti-deforestation guided walks by volunteers and locals at poaching hotspots around Taman Negara, Malaysia’s largest national park.

Over 160 snares have been removed since the first CAT Walk at the Sungai Yu (Yu River) Ecological Corridor in 2010. You can help us disarm more snares. Join our fight in saving our Malayan tigers.